Common Questions (Adam & Eve) Part 1

Why did Adam eat the fruit? Why did God create the forbidden tree? Why can’t we find the garden of Eden? These are questions I’ve been frequently asked by both believers and nonbelievers of all ages and stages. Here are the answers I’ve come up with and if they’re not satisfactory, feel free to ask some more questions in the comments section! Thank you!


Genesis: Adam & Eve Part 2

Already from the very beginning, God was showing them, and us, that our sins, their sins, were only forgiven by Him.

Genesis – The First Sin Part 1 –

Sin was born into this world when Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate from the tree of knowledge. What seems sweet and tasty may actually lead to your own demise.

Because You Say So

Just like Peter, we must also put faith in the Lord. We must trust God’s words over our own experiences. We must try to listen and follow God’s word.