Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice

Living my life in the United States, I have heard both sides of the argument.

No abortion
Life starts at conception
If you’re pregnant, it was meant to be (or so I heard)
No matter what stage of development the baby is in, the life is precious, it was planned (meant to be)
The baby does not have a voice in the matter, so it is not fair to just abort
It’s not just the life of the mother anymore, it is also the life of the baby that needs to be taken into consideration

A woman should have a say and have control over her own body (BTW a fetus CANNOT survive on its own.)
This empowers women and gives them a choice
When a woman became pregnant from rape, she has the choice to abort the fertilized egg
When the baby dies inside of the mother (Stillborn babies), then there is a way for the mother/woman to have the baby corpse removed safely from her
Prevents coat-hanger abortions

Okay, when weighing the pros and cons, and what makes sense and what doesn’t…I am pro-choice. (My parents are pro-life, so if you think my parents influenced my decision, no they have not. I have a brain, and I am more than capable of using it for my own opinions, thoughts, arguments, and support.)


Why does the life of a fertilized egg, that cannot survive without the mother, matter more than the woman’s life? Why is the cluster of cells more important than a living, breathing, human being?

Also, if I was holding a petri-dish with a fertilized egg in one hand, and a living, breathing, infant in the other…and someone threatened to hurt me if I did not drop one of them, I will, without a second thought, drop the petri-dish.

But that’s a common argument and so over-done! 

Well, guess what, why don’t you think about why it is such a common example? Really, really think. If you were holding a petri dish in one hand, and a healthy, already-born, infant in another, and someone was threatening to hurt or kill you if you didn’t drop one or the other…what would you do?

Also, yes you may think that this argument is not valid because the cluster of cells is not inside its mother.

Then how about this…

Why are you pro-life?

Aside from your own belief that life starts at conception.

If the mother does not have the resources, safe environment, ability to raise a child, if the child was to be put in the foster care system in the end…why let the mother have the child? To take responsibility? If you think having the baby is the responsible thing to do when you know FOR A FACT that you are NOT READY… isn’t that just foolish?

Isn’t it foolish to invest in something you can’t (because you don’t have) put in the time, money, and effort into? Imagine you can barely make ends meet, and you know for a fact that it’s a struggle to pay rent monthly…would you purchase a brand-new expensive car? No, you wouldn’t. Then why would you have a baby?

You can’t expect someone who is struggling to magically come up with resources for their baby.

Also, let’s say you do guilt them into having the baby when the baby is born, are you going to take responsibility? Are you going to help that mother? Are you going to help provide for the expenses and are you going to help the mother raise the child? If your answer is NO, then you have NO RIGHT to tell other women what to do.

Not only that, abortion is not an easy decision for anybody to make. Even for the mothers who do decide to get an abortion, it was probably a choice made after contemplation, regret, suffering, pain, agony, weighing pros and cons, etc. etc.

You need to understand that pro-choice people DO NOT see abortion as a way of birth control.

I’m saying that one side is right and the other is wrong.

What I’m saying that is the mother, the woman is the one and the only person who should have a say and final decision on what to do and happens to her body. Nobody else…unless you’re God…but you’re probably just a human, so the answer is NO you do not have the right.

Sorry if I offended anybody because that was not my intention.


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